What Drives Us


Maximising value by delivering safe, efficient, and innovative underground mining services


Safe Minds, Safe Mines

We take responsibility for our own safety and for those around us. We recognise and correct potential hazards. We follow protocols and procedures. We speak up and stop work if safety is compromised. We go to work together, we come home together.

Our People, Our Team

As a team, we move the company toward its vision. Great teams multiply individual talents. Together, we celebrate our successes and learn from our experiences. None of us is as smart as all of us.

Our Clients, Our Future

An extraordinary focus on our business partners to continually exceed their expectations. Delivering on our commitments each and every shift to maximise the value of their orebodies whilst and measuring our success from their success.

Our Passion, Our Growth

We innovate and take risks to achieve uncommon outcomes. We take measured risks and try new ways of doing things. There are valuable discoveries and lessons to be learned everywhere. We ask questions, we seek to understand, we give feedback and challenge the status quo. We measure our results and continually grow and improve. Transforming new ideas into tangible results through continual improvement.

Always A Long-term Outlook

We treasure long-term relationships with both organisations and individuals. We invest in the future we want for our company and our clients. We track trends and position ourselves at the leading edge of a constantly changing industry. We sustain our company’s success by building strong relationships and an excellent reputation. We act in the long-term interest of our company and our clients. We do not take advantage of short-term situations.


To discover, develop and bring into production exciting underground resource opportunities that deliver outstanding financial performance to our Clients


Mako Mining's determination to continually innovate has seen the company expand its capabilities into a diverse group of associate companies delivering high quality underground mining services and products. Mako Mining proudly endorses all our associated service and product providers and encourage other underground mining companies to engage them so their operation can also take advantage of specialized and tailored solutions.